Low Doc Loans for Vehicle and Equipment Loans
This product is perfect for the self employed business owner who cannot provide tax figures. 1-7 year loan terms available. Clients sign a self declaration of income confirming they can repay the loan. Other lending criteria may apply.

Private Sale Finance
Now more than ever more people are buying used cars through private sale rather than through licensed car dealers.Buying a car privately doesn’t limit auto finance options. For qualified applicants, we can offer loan terms of 1–7 years, flexible repayment options and competitive interest rates.

Loans for 457 Visa Applicants
This product is perfect for non-resident applicants who may have recently entered Australia under the sponsored 457 Working Visa.

Able to Finance Older Aged Vehicles
Yes, we can assist with finance for older aged vehicles up to 20 years at the end of the loan term.

Loans for Credit Impaired and First Time Car Buyer
These loans are designed to fill an existing void in the marketplace by providing competitively priced motor vehicle finance to the large and growing number of first time borrowers or those with prior credit issues.

Novated and Operating Lease
Novated Lease – Available for employees. The loan is set up in the applicants name but payments are made by their employer pre-tax from the applicants pay.
Operating Lease – Perfect for businesses who want a complete vehicle package in the 1 monthly payment including – servicing, tyres, maintenance, fuel and finance.

Sale and Buyback Options
Did you pay cash for a car that they should have financed?Let New Start Auto Finance provide a lending solution based on a sale/buyback arrangement so that you don’t miss out on tax benefits.  You have up to 3 months from the date of purchase to get finance approval on the vehicle you have already paid for.  Normal lending criteria applies and products such as “low doc” are also available.  Clients will be required to show evidence of purchase invoice and payment receipt.

Rental Options for Commercial Vehicles and Equipment
New Start Auto Finance now has a Rental Solution which will appeal to business operators looking for a flexible approach to equipment funding. New Start helps small businesses start up and grow. Unlike traditional lenders New Start Auto Finance we will consider all businesses:
Trucks, Trailers, Light Commercial Vehicles, Automotive Equipment, Construction and Earthmoving Equipment, Plumbing Equipment and many more.

Refinancing of Car Loans
We can now offer a refinance facility for car loans. Existing facility needs to have been running for a minimum of 12 months and clients must have an “A” rated credit history.  This product will generally be for clients that are not happy with their current lender, have a high interest rate or want to change their payment structure with regard to the adding or deletion of a balloon payment.